Past Winners

2018 First: Provenance by Ian Patrick Williams Studio City, CA   [2018 program]
Second: The Sad Truth About Country Songs by Stephen Gracia Brooklyn, NY
Third: Best Friends' Rule by Patricia Motto Elmhyrst, IL
2017 First: Grind City by Rosemary Parrillo Westfield, NJ   [2017 program]
Second: Came for Me by Seth Kramer New York, NY
Third: Coming Up for Air by Marie Amthor-Schuett Omaha, NE
2016 First: Parting Wishes by Carl L. Williams Houston, TX   [2016 program]
Second: Peak Experience by Dan Borengasser Springdale, AR
Third: Bro by Robb Willoughby Dayton, OH
2015 First: The Other Half by Garry Michael Kluger LaCrescenta, CA   [2015 program]
Second: No Koch, Pepski by Ed Gross Westwood, NJ
Third: Love in a Minor Key by David Finney Chicago, IL
2015 First: The Other Half by Garry Michael Kluger LaCrescenta, CA   [2015 program]
Second: No Koch, Pepski by Ed Gross Westwood, NJ
Third: Love in a Minor Key by David Finney Chicago, IL
2014 First: Shackles 'N' Milk by Wilbert Turner Perkasie, PA   [2014 program]
Second: Foreplay by Bernie Orenstein Weston, CT
Third: John Paul, Excluded from Paradise by Mark Anthony Bellbrook, OH
2013 First: Like Music by Eleanor Kennedy Chatham, NJ   [2013 program]
Second: The Last Days of Wonder by Tess Light Los Alamos, NM
Third: The Favor by D. C. Savadage New York, NY
2012 First: I Can Feel It Coming On by Carl Williams Houston, TX   [2012 program]
Second: Raising Zombie Awareness by Christopher Morse Idyllwild, CA
Third: Lincoln and the Slave Catcher by J C Ladenheim Teaneck, NJ
We were unable to produce the third place play. First honorable mention was staged in its place: Divorce First Class by Geoffrey Craig Great Barrington, MA
2011 First: No One's Home by Dan Fairchild Dubuque, IA   [2011 program]
Second: Flintrock Pie by Gary Jones Sister Bay, WI
Third: Life is Sweet by Judy Klass Nashville, TN
2010 First: Spoken For by S.L. Daniels Chicago, IL   [2010 program]
Second: The Celebration of Bliss by Bob Wilson Phoenix, AZ
Third: Passion, Peril, and Certified Public Accountancy by Christopher Morse Idyllwild, CA
2009 First: Little Moscow by Aleks Merilo Ashland, OR   [2009 program]
Second: Maggie's Reconstruction by Alan Steinberg New Potsdam, NY
Third: Cork's Cattlebaron by Eric Steele Dallas, TX
2008 First: Jonny Quest and the Giant Kidney by Don Orwald Granbury, TX   [2008 program]
Second: The Wisconsiners by Frank Blocker New York, NY
Third: The Fall of the Roman Empire by Jack Chansler Monrovia, CA
2007 First: It's For You by Richard Auman Galena, Il   [2007 program]
Second: Sensational Surrogates by Lynette Long Washington, DC
Third: War Flick by Victor San Miguel Conroe, TX
2006 First: Be the Hunter by Tom Coash New Haven, CT   [2006 program]
Second: Day of Atonement by Janet S. Tiger San Diego, CA
Third: Sullivan's Bar by Robert Dunn Dubuque, IA
2005 First: Verbatim by Albi Gorn Hastings-on-Hudson, NY   [2005 program]
Second: At Rise by Jim Caputo San Diego, CA
Third: Ethics of Love by Chris F. Hauge Wilmington, NC
2004 First: Match Game by Dimitri Raitzin New York, NY   [2004 program]
Second: Blind Faith by Lily Rusek New York, NY
Third: His Critical Condition by Carl Williams Houston, TX
2003 First: Dark Towns by Judy GeBauer Denver, CO
Second: Something Spanish by Saul Zachary New York, NY
Third: Twilight Nutcracker by Sandra Hosking Newman Lake, WA.
2002 First: Between Men by Dennis Porter Amherst, MA   [2002 program]
Second: Naked Batting Practice by Art Schwartz Long Island, NY
Third: Viking Funeral by Jack Canfora East Northport, NY
2001 First: Ideal Grace by Bara Swain New York, NY
Second: Cancer The Crab by Johanna Rodriquez Portland, ME
Third: Object: Permanence by Jack Canfora East Northport, NY
2000 First: This Is Where I Left Him by C. P. Stancich Gig Harbor, WA   [2000 program]
Second: Fly In A Circle by Don Monaco Nyoda, NY
Third: Soldier's Heart by Pamela A. Kress Dubuque, IA
1999 First: Souvenir by Karla Sorensen Boston, MA   [1999 program]
Second: I'm Zsa Zsa by Jeannette Topar New York, NY
Third: Love: It's Ageless by William Derringer Albuquerque, NM
1998 First: Grant Wood: Prairie Rebel by Cynthia Mercati Des Moines, IA
Second: Sister Cornelia's Garden by Sheryle Criswell Chapel Hill, NC
Third: Where Were You on Your Ninth Birthday? by George Rothman Irvine, CA
1997 First: Antigone in Warsaw by Richard Sewell Waterville, ME
Second: Unfinished Business by Joseph Feinstein Marino Del Ray, CA
Third: Locusts in Georgia by Robert Brown Charlottesville, VA
1996 First: A Book by Its Cover by Adam Goldberg Philadelphia, PA   [1996 program]
Second: God's Country by Mark Kellam Dayton, OH
Third: Aviators by John F. Delaney Virginia Beach, VA
1995 First: A Rope Through the Fixture by Karen Zacarius Fairfax, VA
Second: Tomorrow's Dance by Dexter Wolfe McDermott, OH
Third: Fishing for Answers by Adam Goldberg Philadelphia, PA
We were unable to produce the third place play. First honorable mention was staged in its place: Blue Buick in My Driveway by Karen Zacharius, Fairfax, VA
1994 First: Fall Planting by Buzz McLaughlin Madison, NJ
Second: The Ike Bite by Robert Hurd Nutt Fairlee, VT
Third: A Few Last Words by David Aiken Pittsburgh, PA
1993 First: Light Under the Door by Harlene Goodrich Seal Beach, CA
Second: Breakfast with Aymler by J.T. Percival Bloomington, IN
Third: Is That the Bus to Pittsburgh by Jean Lenox Toddie New Hope, PA
1992 First: A Train to Laugh by Mitchell Ganem New York, NY
Second: Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller New York, NY
Third: The Confession by Diana Mar Culver City, CA
1991 First: Five Nickels by Jack Neary Lowell, MA
Second: The Box Builder by R.E. Derouin Milford, PA
Third: My Bride is Freedom by Elsa Rael New York, NY
We were unable to produce the third place play. First honorable mention was staged in its place: Take Proper Care by Mary Miller, New York, NY
1990 First: 1235 Mulberry Lane by Mary Miller New York, NY
Second: Perfect Strangers by R.E. Derouin Milford, PA
Third: The Curse of the Duchess by Janet Schecter Tiger San Diego, CA
1989 First: Natural Phenomena by Harvey Huddleston New York, NY
Second: My Son, the Priest by Carmen Collins Metuchen, NJ
Third: Feffer and Hopper by Ronnie Paris New York, NY
1988 First: Grace by Stuart Warmflash New York, NY
Second: Miss Rheingold by Carol Hantman Cambridge, MA
Third: Jerry and Tom by Jim Geoghan Los Angeles, CA
1987     ***Contest moved from fall to spring. Plays performed in 1988.***
1986 First: Zing Zang by Lynn Snyder Berkeley, CA
Second: The Poetry Affair by Louise Thistle San Diego , CA
Third: Talk Radio by David Hall Ft. Collins, CO
1985 First: Class by Saul Zachary New York, NY
Second: Window Dressing by Michael Schnessel Princeton, NJ
Third: After Thoughts in Eden by Sandra Fenichel Asher Springfield, MO
1984 First: An Uphill Lie by Jeannette Boyer Sante Fe, NM
Second: The Calling by Laurel Holiday Seattle , WA
Third: Friday Nights by A.L. Dreyfuss Arbor, MI
1983 First: Wow by Betsy Julia Robinson New York, NY
Second: Words by Donald Drake Philadelphia, PA
Third: Blind Woman's Bluff by Janet Schecter San Diego, CA
1982 First: The Affidavit by Janet Schechter San Diego, CA
Second: Jennifer's First Christmas by Ev Miller Bismark, ND
Third: Breaking Up by Gary Schaeffer San Diego, CA
1981 First: Three Voices by James Nash Brooklyn, NY
Second: The Waiting Room by Janet Schechter San Francisco, CA
Third: There is No John Garfield by Ernest Josekavitz Washington, DC
1980 First: Spots by Saul Zachary New York, NY
Second: Papa and the Jigsaw by Jere Goldin Green Lane, PA
Third: An Afternoon in the Dull Life of Mrs. Mendelbaum by Aubrey Wisburg New York, NY
1979 First: Tuba Solo by Michael Lynch San Francisco, CA
Second: Some Men Are Good at That by Elaine Denholtz Livington, NJ
Third: Another World by Joy Dane Hingham, WI
1978 First: The Waiting Room by Donna Moriarty San Francisco, CA
Second: Powder River by David Riley Putney, VT
Third: Psychology of Success by Judith Zivanovic Booking, SD
1977 First: The Magic Box by Carol Adjoran Winnetka, IL
Second: The Invitation by William Hart New York, NY
Third: Ma'am by Karen Wotiz Carbondale, IL